What’s LIGN?

LIGN is the acronym for LACTOSE INTOLERANCE GLOBAL NETWORK and ADILAC (Lactose Intolerance Spanish Association) is his promoter. The LIGN main target is to be the world-wide relating the lactose intolerance and to put in contact all over the world the lactose intolerant people and their existing organizations to colaborate in the search for common solutions.

1. Relating the lactose intolerant:
– To create a communication and relations mean among the world-wide intolerants.
– To interchange knowledge over the lactose intolerance itself and on the products without lactose existing in the markets of every country.
– To offer orientation and help to the intolerant people visiting other countries.

2. Relating the food industries, pharmaceutical and Horeca companies:
– To obtain the maximum sensitivity, involvement and complicity of the food and pharmaceutical industries in labelling their products and in the information provided by the horeca channel to the consumer.

3. Relating the organisms and official agencies:

– To obtain the maximum involvement and support from the local public administrations in the recognition of this alimentary intolerance.

4. Relating the consumer society in general:
– To spread the knowledge of the existence of this deficiency in the society and medical professionals.