When you get here, it’s probably because you have just left an appointment with a doctor specialised in the digestive system with a diagnosis of poor digestion or intolerance to lactose, or, perhaps you are starting to suspect that the discomfort you feel after your morning cup of coffee isn’t normal are you have started to seek information.

I remember that as a teenager, after drinking a glass of milk in the morning I would have to go to the bathroom very quickly, however I could eat a cheese pizza and feel fine. This was the same for a few years, some things didn’t cause any problems but others made me feel terrible. So, it was difficult to find out what the problem was. After having appointments with many doctors, one day, a good doctor, faced with my own suspicions, decided to do the hydrogen test… And bingo! Once I had the diagnosis, I fearfully asked the doctor: now what? All that he said was that from that day on, I should avoid dairy, but he didn’t give me any other advice.

The year was 1999, and with this panorama of such scarce information, I started to read, to research, to ask… And why not, to think about creating a website to store all of the information that I was finding, information that could help other people like myself, coming out of doctor’s offices without knowing what to do with their lives.

In 2003, I decided to formalise all of this work by creating ADILAC, Lactose Intolerance Spanish Association. It was created to comply with objectives in four main sectors: people with lactose intolerance, companies and the horeca sector, society in general and the medical sector and administration.

I would like to take this opportunity to clarify that ADILAC works with lactose intolerance, not with cow’s milk protein allergy (CMPA) (hypersensitivity of the immune system). I would like to avoid the confusion existing with regards to this topic in two areas that have common aspects but really are completely different.

Finally, I would like to make two big acknowledgements. The first is for all of the volunteers that have accompanied me over the years and that continue to accompany me on this journey. The second is for the people who have made a donation, who I cannot forget about. friends.

Oriol Sans
Presidente fundador

The information found on this page is aimed towards those with lactose intolerance, health and medical professionals and the general public for publication. All of the information that appears does not substitute, but rather it complements the necessary doctor-patient relationship. In the case of any doubts, please consult your specialist doctor.



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