Legal advice

Legal information and acceptance
ADILAC, ASOCIACIÓN DE INTOLERANTES A LA LACTOSA ESPAÑA (hereinafter, “ADILAC”), is an association with TIN G63329924, corporate address at Calle Roger de Llúria número 83, piso 1º, código postal 08009, Barcelona, Spain, and e-mail address, which is duly registered in the National Associations Registry, under inscription number 614377.

ADILAC is the owner of a service consisting of the website corresponding to the domain name (hereinafter, the “Website”), which is available on the internet. This legal notice (hereinafter, the “Legal Notice”) regulates the use and usage of the Website and binds any person that browses the same (hereinafter, the “User”), who accepts all of the conditions included in the same.

The User must read this Legal Notice each time they browse and/or use the Website, as it may suffer modifications. Through its Website, ADILAC aims to promote public access to the information relative to its information services. The objective is to ensure that said information is up-to-date and accurate, although this cannot be fully guaranteed.

1. Rights and Obligations.
The User commits to make adequate use of the contents and services that ADILAC offers on its Website and not to use them to incur in activities that are illicit, illegal or contrary to good faith and public order; to spread content or propaganda of a racist, xenophobic, illegal-pornographic nature, advocating terrorism or attacks against human rights; to provoke damage to ADILAC’s physical and logical systems, to Users or to third parties, to introduce or spread viruses on the computer networks or any other physical or logical systems that are susceptible to causing the damages mentioned above; to attempt to access files where the information pertains to other users or, where applicable, to modify or manipulate the same. ADILAC reserves the right to perform any modifications to the Website as deemed necessary without prior notification, and can change, delete or add the content and services provided through the same as well as the manner in which these are presented or located.

2. Conditions of use
2.1. This Website contains materials with solely informative purposes. The User must take into consideration that said materials cannot reflect the most recent legislative or jurisprudential status for the issues analysed. Furthermore, these materials can be modified, developed or updated without prior notice. ADILAC is not responsible for any errors or omissions that may be present in the content of the Website or other content that can be accessed through the same through the corresponding links, or for modifications, information, forms, comments or news sent to the Website..

 2.2. Content copyright
The content on the Website has been created internally by the ADILAC team. When the content has not been created by ADILAC, it is entirely reproduced, including associated images, and the source and date of publication will always be included at the start of the information for clear identification of the external information source. ADILAC does not necessarily identify with the concepts and opinions expressed in some of these articles or interviews which are the exclusive responsibility of their authors.

 2.3. Request for Quotes
The use of the Website does not imply the constitution of a professional or commercial relationship between ADILAC and the User, nor does it oblige ADILAC to provide a certain service. Said professional or commercial relationship with ADILAC can only be understood to be formalised once the User has accepted the proposal of services and fees sent to them by ADILAC for this purpose, in which case the relationship will be subject to the terms and conditions contained in said proposal.

 2.4. Exemption from liability
The content on the Website is solely for informative purposes, originating from own and/or third party sources. The User must take into consideration that the content does not constitute medical or legal advice. ADILAC is not obliged to check the veracity, accuracy, adequacy, suitability, exhaustiveness and relevance of the information offered through the Website, nor will it be liable for damages and loss that may be caused for the User and/or third parties as a consequence of having acted on the basis of the information obtained on the same. ADILAC may include links on the Website to external pages over which they have no control and with regards to which they decline all liability. The informative material provided herein does not aim to replace professional medical advice, and the materials contained on the Website cannot be considered, under any circumstances, to replace legal advice or a relationship of professional trust. Under no circumstances will ADILAC be obliged to control the lack of viruses, worms or other harmful elements that may cause damage or alterations to the computer system. In consequence, ADILAC is not liable for damages and loss that said elements may cause on the User’s computer system. ADILAC is not liable for damages and loss caused as a consequence of errors or disconnections in the telecommunications network.

3. Intellectual property rights
3.1. The Website, as well as all components and/or elements integrated to the same, including, but not limited to, texts, images, sound, files, brands, logos, colour combinations or any other element, the structure and design, selection and form of presentation of the materials included in the same, and the software necessary for operation, access and use, are protected by industrial and intellectual property rights. ADILAC is the owner of the corresponding industrial and intellectual property rights, and/or has obtained the opportune licences from third party owners, with express authorisation for use.

3.2. The Website, as well as any of its components and/or elements, cannot be reproduced, publicly communicated, distributed, transformed, made available or used in any other way that implies infringement of the Spanish and international regulations regarding industrial and intellectual property. These acts of exploitation can only be performed with express authorisation from ADILAC, provided that there is explicit reference to ADILAC’s ownership of the mentioned industrial and intellectual rights.

4. Personal Data Protection
4.1. Manager. All of the personal data collected through the completion of forms on the Website by the Users will be incorporated to a file owned by ADILAC, Asociación de intolerantes a la lactosa España (National Associations Registry, with inscription number 614377), who is responsible for managing the data for the purpose of management and provision of the information service offered on the Website, as well as the sending of any commercial communications by e-mail or other means related to the products and/or services of ADILAC.

4.2. Rights. Rights. The User expressly accepts the processing of their personal data for these purposes, without prejudice to their ability to exercise their legally corresponding rights, and in particular those to access, rectify, delete, oppose, transfer and limit the data (ARCO rights), by sending an e-mail to the address, duly identifying themselves and clearly identifying the purpose of their request. The data entered by the User must be accurate, up-to-date and complete, with the updating of this data being the responsibility of the User. ADILAC, in compliance with the current legislation on data protection, will cancel, delete and/or block the data when it is inaccurate, incomplete or is no longer needed for its purpose. Furthermore, the User can revoke the consent provided for the treatment of their personal data.

4.3. Conservation time and safety. ADILAC commits to conserve the User’s data for the duration of the provision of the information service offered on this Website. ADILAC commits to implement the necessary safety measures in order to guarantee the safety of the User’s personal data, ensuring confidentiality and impeding manipulation, deterioration or loss.

4.4. Use of cookies. ADILAC may use cookies in order to gather information on the Website. Cookies are mechanisms that gather information on certain User preferences during the use and browsing of the Website. Said information is recorded in files that are stored on the User’s computer equipment, so that each time they access the Website it is configured with the preferences selected on the previous visit. The User has the option to configure their browser to permit, block or delete the cookies installed on their computer. Rejection of cookies may cause the Website to be affected, or for certain functionalities not to be operative.

5. Legislation
The Website, this Legal Notice and any specific conditions are subject to Spanish Law. In the case of any controversy related to this Website and/or any of its content, the parties expressly reject any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, and agree to be subject to the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona..

(EU) REGULATION 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL of 27 April 2016 regarding protection of individuals with regards to personal data processing