Food analysis lab.

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    Laboratories Acre. ENAC (Limit <0.01%)

    Agrolab Lactosa in food, lactose free foods and hisopes.
    Lactose in food, food additives and alcoholic drinks.
    Lactose in foods, milk and dairy products, ice cream and meat products.
    Anabiol  Lactose in all foods except milk.
    Biomedal  Lactose in food.
    CICAP   Lactose in milk and derivates.
    CNTA   Lactose in food and drink.
    CTNC   Lactose in dairy products, vegetable drinks and chocolates
    Ecosur  Lactose in all foods.
    Laber   Lactose in milk, cream and yogurt.
    Lab. Tec. Levante   Lactose in meats, snacks, milk and dairy producs and vegetal drinks.
    Silliker  Lactose in dairy and plant-based drinks

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    Laboratories (limit <0.01%)

    AENOR Laboratory
    Analysis engineering