The seal

The interested companies can include the NO LACTOSE seal on their products. The NO LACTOSE seal is a international trademark registered by Adilac in the European Union, United States, China, Rusia, among other countries. This seal identifies the products that do not contain lactose and, above all, guarantees that the products that do contain it comply with all of the requirements established by Adilac in the Regulation for use – laboratory analysis, monitoring and control, etc.- laboratories. For the analysis of detecting lactose in food, different diagnosis methods can be used, although the two main and most used ones currently are HPLC/PAD and (enzymatic) spectrophotometry methods

A product is considered 0% LACTOSE if it has <0.01% = <0.01gr/100gr = <10mg/100gr = <100mg/1Kg = <100ppm
This is the limit currently applied by the most demanding regulations in the European Union and is the limit accepted by AECOSAN in Spain in order for a product to be considered lactose-free.

Do you want to learn more? If you are a company and want to know first-hand the trends in the lactose-free sector, you can send us a request by mail for the documents:

¨6 future trends for the lactose-free sector¨
(DSM 2017)
¨I Study on the lactose-free shopper -reduced.v-¨ (AECOC-ADILAC 2017)
¨Global trends in lactose-free products¨ (DSM 2018)
¨Presentation II
Study on the lactose-free shopper¨ (AECOC-ADILAC 2019)

“Study of the perception and habits of LI people” (SALVAT-ADILAC 2020)

Adilac web advertising
Logo of the company highlighted in the INFOLACTOSA product directory. A website with a high annual growth in number of visits.
Adilac recommended seal
A recommendation seal NO LACTOSE – RECOMMENDED BY ADILAC to include on 0% lactose products.
Use of Adilac logo
The possibility of using the association’s logo on advertising and promotional materials for the brand.
Active collaboration with Adilac
Actions such as the preparation of materials, informative conferences, action sponsorship, etc. The agreement is an open door to collaboration and CSR of the company.

Seal for Horeca, Commerce and Web/blogs sector.

The seal has four versions, depending on its use. Thus, as well as the ‘No Lactose’ seal aimed towards manufacturing companies, if you have a restaurant, a hotel, a café, a dietetics store or a web/blog for lactose-free recipes, you can get the ‘No lactose’ seal with its own alphanumeric code that identifies you as an initiative that is aware of our intolerance. Consult the following links for the various procedures to obtain the seal.