Regulation and studies

  • 01

    • 30.09.15 AECOSAN Health security spanish agency
      Conditions for use of the phrases ‘Lactose-free’ and ‘Low in lactose’ in Spain Aecosan note
    • 27.02.15 Spanish Regulation
      126/2015 General regarding food information unpackaged food for consumer sale, collectivities, etc. RD126/215
    • 25.09.16 EU Delegated regulation
      127/2016 of the European P. and Council complementary R(UE) 609/2013 on composition of nursing formula and continuation UER 127/2016
    • 12.06.13 EU Regulation
      609/2013 of the European Parliament and Council regarding food destined for nursing infants and young children, special medical use, weight diets UER 609/2013
    • 25.10.11 EU Regulation
      1169/2011 of the European parliament and Council on food information provided to the consumer (RIAC) UER 1169/2011
  • 02

    • 05.07.11 Spanish Regulation
      17/2011 Law on Food Security and nutrition. Special measures aimed at the school environment (art. 40)  L17/2011


  • 03

    • 07.11.18 AEMPS · Spanish Agency for medicines and health products
      Newsletter 1/2018 Information on the excipients on labels, prospectus and technical sheet of the medicines for human use (page 38) CIR 1/2018
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    Scientific opinions

    • 12.01.11 EFSA · European Food Safety Authority
      Scientific opinion on the declaration of healthy properties in live yoghurt cultures and improvement in lactose digestion SO 2011
    • 10.09.10 EFSA · European Food Safety Authority
      Scientific opinion on the thresholds of lactose in lactose and galactosemia OC SO 2010
  • 05
    Academic studies

    • 2016 Dissertation University of Salamanca
      “Lactose intolerance, problems and food” by Paloma Blanco García, Pharmacy Graduate University of Salamanca (Spain) ES2016