Welcome to the new direct chat service with Adilac, Lactosechat. On the days and times established, you have the possibility of maintaining direct communication with us. We will resolve any doubts about intolerance, products, what you can and can’t eat, etc. Every day there will be a different specialist, doctor, dietitian… But remember that all of the information we provide through this method simply complements the necessary doctor-patient relationship, and in case of doubt you should always consult your specialist of reference.

Tuesday 21pm – 22pm
Digestive consultation

Eva Rodríguez 
Digestive Doctor Col. 33.230
Juan Canalejo Hospital (A Coruña)

Wednesday 1 pm- 2 pm
Diet and nutrition questions

Estrella Rubio
Dietitian Col. AND00337
Nutrimente (Sevilla)
ADILAC Adviser